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With LBTR360, You'll Never Forget Anything Important!

Get reminders for everyday tasks on your smartphone. Simply enter a task, link it to a location and LBTR360 will give you a reminder whenever you next approach that location. It doesn't matter whether that's tomorrow or years later - LBTR360 is always working behind the scenes to make sure you never ever forget anything important!      FEATURES>>>

COMPUTERWORLD AWARD WINNER! Computerworld has named LBTR360 as a Top 10 Android app in the to-do list category. Click here to read the report.

LBTR360 is a reusable, LBS mobile app framework using which we can develop custom developed solutions for a wide array of location based usage scenarios such as: 

  • Geo-fenced offers (e.g., "Whenever my loyalty program member comes within 100 feet of my store, send her a mobile coupon for 10% discount on a new range of jeans")

  • Sales and marketing (e.g., "Every time I go to New York City, I should visit my best customer located at 111 Wall Street")

  • Travel and leisure (e.g., "The next time I'm in Paris, I must check out the places covered in Da Vinci Code")

  • Mobile workforce management (e.g., "Assign the new service request to the  engineer that's closest to the customer")