BelladonnaIT Mobile Field Service


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Manufacturers of white goods and automobile accessories as well as telecom service providers and several other enterprises spend a fortune in buying and implementing ERP and CRM applications in order to optimize service operations and get the pulse of their customer satisfaction levels. Despite these investments, most companies find that they lack the information required to take timely action because their service staff still uses paper-based forms when they're actually serving customers. Prohibitive licensing cost to extend their ERP and CRM applications to hundreds, if not thousands, of field service personnel is often the culprit behind this anamoly.

Enter BelladonnaIT Mobile Field Service.

From responding to service requests and raising orders for parts to committing resolution times and communicating call closures, BelladonnaIT Mobile Field Force uses a mobile phone to automate the entire gamut of service interactions taking place at the customer touchpoint. With the option to be deployed on-premise or on the cloud, BelladonnaIT Field Service totally eliminates the need to procure costly user licenses of the backend ERP or CRM applications for every service engineer and technician - all they require is a light-weight mobile application. The application works even where there's poor network coverage - a unique 'store-and-forward' architecture ensures automatic synchronization of information to the backend whenever network coverage is restored - without any user intervention.

Using the rich information around service operations that BelladonnaIT Mobile Field Service delivers to the backend ERP or CRM systems, service leaders can gain unprecedented visibility into staff and parts availability as well as stay on top of customer sentiment virtually in realtime. Armed with this insight, they can capitalize upon every opportunity to enhance customer satisfaction and optimize service operations, thus growing service revenues and bolstering profits. 

Buy BelladonnaIT Mobile Field Service today and solve the last mile problems of your service operations without breaking the bank.