Flash to HTML5 Migration

E-learning, Training, Media organizations and marketing departments of all kinds of companies have huge volumes of Interactive Flash content that has traditionally been consumed on desktops. With the rapid proliferation of smart phones and tablets, enterprises are faced with the prospect of their existing content becoming obsolete, since popular mobile platforms don't support Interactive Flash. While new content can be developed on a platform agnostic industry standard format like HTML5, ground-up redevelopment of existing Interactive Flash content for mobile devices is not an option for most enterprises.

What they need is a high-quality yet rapid solution for migrating their legacy Interactive Flash content to HTML5.

Enter Changepond Flash to HTML5 Migration Solutions

We shall take your existing Interactive Flash content and use our Flash to HTML Framework to re-purpose it to usable and performant HTML5 content that is suitable for a variety of devices including desktops, smartphones and tablets. Powered by HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, our Flash to HTML Framework enables us to accelerate speed-to-market for the new HTML5 content while preserving the richness of the original Flash content.The new HTML5 content is able to fulfill the greater demands on usability posed by the varying screen sizes and resolutions of mobile devices. Recognizing that mobile devices don't always have the same processing horsepower of desktops, our migration / conversion process leverages our framework to ensure that the repurposed HTML5 code is performant on the most popular mobile platforms.

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