When you attract traffic by creating a buzz around a certain Marketable Item, you don't want to lose your visitors' attention by dropping them off on your generic homepage. That will frustrate them since they won't find instant gratification for visiting your website, which means you risk losing your customers forever. The digital marketing best practice is to focus the customers' attention on the one specific theme about your company / product that that caught their attention and made them click the link to your website. You can use landing pages to do this.

MICROSITE360 is our platform for creating a landing page that expands on the "compelling reason to buy" underlying the Marketable Item. To avoid distracting the visitor's attention, landing pages are stripped of all buttons and links that are extrinsic to the content of the specific Marketable Item. On the other hand, since their primary purpose is to trigger action from the visitor, landing pages must have strong conversion enablers like our EMAIL360 website lead acceleration application.

Each campaign typically has one landing page. But more complex Marketable Items could have multiple landing pages aka "campaign microsite".

Examples of landing pages created using MICROSITE360 are shown on the right.