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Distance learning university quadruples revenues with help from WinEdu

WinEdu helps leading science institute to streamline its admissions and examinations processes


Universities and institutes for higher learning have traditionally used eLearning technologies to drive their distance learning programs. Some of them have taken the next step of using virtual classrooms, eLibraries and adaptive learning methods to transform themselves into ‘cloud universities’. A powerful combination of government grants, corporate sponsorships, education loans and a growing urge among the working population to pursue higher education along side their regular jobs has fueled massive growth in cloud university enrolments in recent times.

Against this backdrop, it is not surprising that cloud universities have started focusing on bolstering their processes around admissions, academics, accounting and administration so that they are able to translate the new wave of demand into a sustainable source of revenues and  profits.

Enter WinEdu from Winfoware Technologies.

WinEdu is a software application framework which can be used to build massively customized solutions that can help cloud universities scale up to the next level. WinEdu comprises of a repository of prebuilt, reusable components around the following distance learning processes:

·         Online and franchisee walk-in applications

·         Pre-exam processing viz. timetables, question papers, center allocation and seating arrangement

·         Post-exam processing viz. grading, normalization and regulation

·         Multichannel results publication viz. web, IVR and email

·         Certificates and degree award

·         Franchised learning center accounting

·         Rich insights into program demographics for maximizing bang for the marketing buck

Winfoware shall modify and enhance these components to deliver a tailor made solution that fits a specific university’s needs, imperatives and priorities. By assembling a solution from prebuilt components, we accelerate speed to market as compared to developing the entire application from ground-up. Since its underlying components are tried and tested during earlier deployments, quality is shrinkwrapped into our solution.

Get WinEdu today and take your cloud university to the next level of revenues and profits.