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In When A Business Is VC Funded, VC Is The Business, we saw how VCs – though not the startups in their portfolio of investments – are driven by traditional business metrics like profitability and ROI. Contrary to common wisdom, the VC industry has a stellar track record on these conventional KPIs. In this post, I’ll explain why I say that. First, let’s take profitability. SoftBank is adequate testimony of the VC industry’s profitability. It’s no secret that many portfolio companies […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Sep - 22 - 2017 Add Comments READ FULL POST

A couple of years ago, virtually every driver of my Uber and Ola taxi rides used to praise the two cab aggregators to high heavens for paying them huge incentives. Many of them would ask me how these startups could afford to shell out that kind of money when they were collecting less than half of that amount in fares. I used to tell them that they got oodles of cash from VCs and explain how the venture capital model […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Sep - 15 - 2017 1 Comment READ FULL POST

Like everyone, I come across many usability-related pain areas in the software, websites and devices that I use regularly. Some of these are caused by bugs and others, by basic design flaws. Over the years, I’ve used some tools and techniques to overcome these problems and improve my UX. Here’s a collection of my UX hacks, in no specific order. #1. MERCURY READER Problem: Painful to read core content on cluttered websites. Solution: Read these webpages via Mercury Reader. This nifty […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Sep - 8 - 2017 Add Comments READ FULL POST

The company ranked #500 in this year’s FORTUNE GLOBAL 500 generated revenues of US$ 21.609 billion compared to US$ 20.923 billion posted by its counterpart last year. In other words, the Global 500 Qualifying Revenue increased this year. This is a constant trend except for last year, when the Global 500 entry bar actually fell from the previous year’s level. Before we deep-dive into how this impacts the Indian IT industry, here’s a quick overview of the list published by Fortune […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Sep - 1 - 2017 Add Comments READ FULL POST

In Robin Cook’s latest novel HOST, patients go into a comatose state during simple surgeries. Click here to read my review of this medical thriller. After reading the novel, I had a vague sense of déjà vu feeling. I thought it had a striking resemblance to the author’s 1977 bestseller COMA. So many years later, I can barely remember if I’ve read a certain book, let alone remember its plot. Therefore, I dug deeper. I struck paydirt in this review […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Aug - 25 - 2017 Add Comments READ FULL POST

Consumer advocates ranted about overdraft protection fees in 2008, saying the service was forced down upon consumers. While the uninitiated can Google “overdraft protection” for a prosaic definition of the term, Stanley Bing offers the following tongue-in-cheek description for one of the most lucrative services offered by US banks: “No matter what you spend with your debit card, even if you have no money in your account, the guys at the bank will make sure that you’re not embarrassed. They’ll pay […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Aug - 18 - 2017 Add Comments READ FULL POST

The asphalt road outside my house was getting concreted last year. When I was walking down on the road one day, I noticed that a narrow gully of around two feet width was left untouched on one side of road. When I saw this, I thought there was a massive goof-up somwhere. In all probability, so went my cynical thinking, Pune Municipal Corporation – the local authority that is responsible for all public works in the city – must’ve placed an order […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Aug - 11 - 2017 Add Comments READ FULL POST

In Use And Misuse Of Personas In Marketing, I’d defended personas from being lampooned by some misguided marketers. That doesn’t mean I believe everything is hunky-dory with personas. There are at least three problems I see in the way personas are created and used in Persona Based Marketing (PBM) campaigns today. A. SOLE FOCUS ON WHO I read the following comment on an article about personas: ‘There’s too much focus on “Who is the buyer?”. Marketers should rather focus on “What […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Aug - 4 - 2017 Add Comments READ FULL POST

The ink on my previous post Indian IT – Turning Crisis Into Opportunity has hardly dried when two Indian IT majors Infosys and Wipro have announced better-than-expected quarterly results. Much as I’d like to attribute their superior performance to the guidance given in my post (!), these IT veterans have been doing all this and more for a long time. The pall of gloom over the industry’s prospects has temporarily lifted. The industry can get rid of it permanently by taking […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Jul - 28 - 2017 1 Comment READ FULL POST

Buyer persona is the bedrock of targeted marketing. HubSpot provides a succinct definition of the term: “A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.” A sample persona is shown below: Persona-based marketing has become increasingly popular in recent times, both in B2C and B2B realms. Maybe it’s only me but I see a strong correlation between PBM and the rise of Facebook Ads, which is arguably the […]

Posted by Ketharaman Swaminathan On Jul - 21 - 2017 Add Comments READ FULL POST
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