Realtime Social Media Sentiment




Spot new customers, spread word-of-mouth and safeguard your reputation by staying on top of your social media sentiment in realtime.



In today's open world of Web 2.0 and social networks, buyers no longer need to reach out to individual vendors to communicate their requirements or seek references. Neither is your company's reputation shaped solely by your CorpComm or MarComm functions. Tweets, finance portals, job sites, review blogs and freelancer exchanges are all flooded with opinions, observations and insights pertaining to your company, competitors and industry.

Until now, you had no way to respond to the market sentiment until you saw its impact on your sales pipeline, C-SAT score or stock price.

With HEATMAP360, it doesn't have to be that way.

HEATMAP360 is a cloud-based software that analyzes tweets about topics of your interest and presents the overall sentiment by way of realtime heatmaps.

By delivering actionable insight around your company, competitors and industry, HEATMAP360 helps your marketing, sales, support, recruitment and investor relations leaders to spot new customers, win more business and safeguard your reputation.



No credit card required. No form to fill. Simply tweet this page from your Twitter account by clicking the button on the right. That's it!



Additional heatmaps cost $10/month/heatmap or $100/year/heatmap (save $20!). For more information, feel free to contact us.


Click the below image to learn how a leading technology company acquired a new customer and averted a PR disaster by using realtime social media analytics: